Structural substitution and the logic of urban modernism

Flowers For Socrates

By ann summers

occupying a space for a time…

Here are some examples of cultural substitution in the built environment that articulate multiple meanings and identify an axis or axes of more than geodetic importance. Every historical site is both monumental and documentary and connected by a visible, invisible and visual logic appropriate to the accumulated cultural production and reproduction in and on those sited places. Their axes are found in the historical logic of spaces as one interprets both a structural replacement/displacement and a substitution/transference of modern power. Every place has not only its sense, but its agency and structure, constructed and deconstructed by its history.

In social terms, a bourgeois space and cosmopolitan society has a new layer of urban order and meaning imposed – with a nationalist ideology and modern state-building – that is not only visual and symbolic, but also real and instrumental.”

Whether facadism or roof-ism,  It…

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