Towards a Liberal Critique of Left Neo-Liberalism Policy


Have you ever played that game where everyone tries to keep a balloon in the air as long as possible?

Lots of people are discussing the lack of a political agenda in neoliberalism’s policies based on this post by Doug Henwood: Crooked Timber (III), Will WilkinsonKevin DrumMatt YglesiasThe American Scene, Jacobin (III), Arin DubeBrad Delong, JW Mason/Pitkin with good comments (III), Corey RobinElias IsQuith at LoEG, and I’m sure a ton more.

Most of the posts examine the lack of a unified theory of politics in neoliberalism’s current policy focus. I want to focus on a critique of neoliberalism’s higher-level policy agenda from a liberal point of view. I’m not much of a politics thinker, so I’ll leave it to others to tease out the…

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